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The Family Survival Trust is a registered charity (No 1121388) whose mission is to prevent, and to provide information on coercive control, cultic behaviour and psychological manipulation. We support those affected by groups that use these techniques. We educate regarding the risks these groups pose to individuals and society and seek appropriate controls on these groups’ activities.



Tom Sackville Chairman of Trustees

Tom has a degree in History and Modern Languages. He began his career in financial services in New York, Munich and London. In 1983 he was elected as MP for Bolton West and served as a Government Whip and Minister, in first the Department of Health then the Home Office. On leaving Parliament in 1997, he served as Chairman of the The Family Survival Trust (formerly FAIR) and for 5 years as President of FECRIS, the French based Europe-wide federation of cult victim family support groups. He has consulted for a number of healthcare concerns.


Dr Alexandra Stein Trustee

Alexandra Stein, Ph.D. is a writer and educator specializing in the social psychology of ideological extremism and other dangerous social relationships. She is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at London South Bank University, and previously taught at Birkbeck, University of London. She teaches a course on Cults and Totalitarianism at the Mary Ward Centre. She is the author of two books: Inside Out: A memoir of entering and breaking out of a Minneapolis political cult (Grey Door, 2002) and Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in cults and totalitarian systems (Routledge, 2016).

Mary Russell Trustee

I have worked in this field for seven years since clarifying my own political cult experiences.  With Dr Alex Stein I have written and taught in this area and presented at a recent ICSA Conference (International Cultic Studies Association).  I have also worked with cult survivors as a therapist. I have been an FST trustee since 2017 and am one of two FST treasurers. Previously I worked as a student services manager in education and have found this experience useful in my current work.  My hobbies are walking, reading and visiting my grandchildren.

Jacky Hart Trustee

Jacky graduated as a dental therapist in her mid thirties and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Dental Law and Ethics. She was born and raised in the Exclusive Brethren (now known as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church) who do not condone higher education. It was only leaving this group that enabled the progression of studying. For the past 10 years Jacky has been active in raising awareness of the harm caused by cults and in supporting members who want to leave such groups. 

Angela Lathwell Trustee

Angela holds BA and Master’s degrees in English from the University of Southampton. She has spent the last decade working in the charity sector, specialising in fundraising and communications. Having been born into a cult, she has a special interest in the experiences of those born and raised in cultic groups. 

The Team
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