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The Family Survival Trust is a registered charity (No 1121388) whose mission is to prevent, and to provide information on coercive control, cultic behaviour and psychological manipulation. We support those affected by groups that use these techniques. We educate regarding the risks these groups pose to individuals and society and seek appropriate controls on these groups’ activities.

We are volunteers with limited resources, and our backgrounds are diverse. We are not limited in our concern for those people, families, communities and societies who are abused by totalitarian cults. Of all of those of us who volunteer or help with the Trust, some of us became involved because

  1. Our children were recruited into cults

  2. Our parents or siblings were recruited into cults

  3. Our friends, colleagues or associates were recruited into cults

  4. We were in cults ourselves, and suffered abuse before we were able to leave

  5. Our professions – be it as teachers, lawyers, academic researchers, politicians, medical or psychological practitioners – brought us into contact with victims of cultic abuse

We respect the confidence of any enquiry made with us, and assist, within the scope of our abilities, those who need our support or information. We will refer people to other professionals where specialist expertise is needed.

We belong to the non-profit group FECRIS, the European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects:

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